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Circocan’s classes started in 2003 in Curitiba, teaching circus and acrobatics to kids and teenagers inside mid and high schools. The project quickly got expanded to adults, providing to all age groups an option to develop their bodies and minds. All Circocan programs aim to turn tangible circus training and take to people the possibility of appreciating circus through classes, workshops, shows and performances.

After nine years in Curitiba, the school also expanded to the city of Florianópolis, where is hosted Circocan Floripa. The facility has a fully equipped gym with over 1000m² that integrates with the exclusive outdoor Flying Trapeze, rig that allows anyone to fly 30 feet high with safety.

The location, in the heart of Jurerê Internacional – famous tourist beach in Southern Brazil – attracts every year to Circocan Floripa artists, coaches, acrobats and students from different places around the world. Professionals from companies like Cirque du Soleil, Chinese Acrobatic Troupe, groups and schools from Australia, United States, Scotland, Ukraine, Slovakia have come to Circocan Floripa to visit, train and coach.

Mostt new students join the school through CircoFitness® – a program developed by Circocan to build physical fitness through circus technique and acrobatic activities. Beyond being a fun and entertaining class, the participants develop their body awareness, flexibility, self-control, coordination and strength, in both mind and muscles. 

Apart from CircoFitness®, that attracts several profiles, the school also offers regular training in tumbling, handstands, aerials, partner acro and flying trapeze.

Those that want to pursue a circus career can join the Circocan Formation Group (G-FOR-C), group that works with artistic and acrobatic development, promoting intensive training in circus and acrobatic arts, body expression, creation for shows and performances. The students that finish this program can join Circocan’s Artistic Troupe – professional company that performs nationally and internationally.

Another option offered by Circocan in a partnership with PUCPR (Catholic University of Parana) is the Post Graduate Course in Acrobatics for Circus and Gymnastics. The degree is equivalent to a MBA, lasts for 18 months, and focus in qualifying people that produce, research and coach circus in the country, putting them together to expand their network and knowledge. Alumni from different areas in Brazil meet monthly to be taught by the most recognized circus researches and technicians available in the country.

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Circocan Curitiba


Check here to see the schedule for Circocan classes in Curitiba

Since its foundation in 2003, Circocan has worked with regular classes and workshops inside several schools from all age groups, gyms and clubs. Nowadays, beyond restricted locations – clubs and schools where only members can attend – the only facility open to the public for Circocan classes in Curitiba is PUCPR (Catholic University of Parana). The partnership started in 2011, and provides to students a large gymnastic gym with structure to run most acrobatic, aerials and circus activities.

Circocan Floripa


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Since its arrival in the island of Florianópolis, Circocan is hosted in Jurerê Internacional, inside Jurerê Sports Center. The facility is a gymnasium with over 1000m² that offers several training options among acrobatics and circus activities. Outside the gym, in the same property, a full sized flying trapeze allows enthusiasts, students and professionals to fly 30 feet up in the air, with all the safety.

The program with most students in Florianópolis is CircoFitness®, class developed by Circocan that can be done by anyone and aims to develop peoples physical abilities and capacities through circus technique and acrobatic progressions. More than a fun hard work, students learn how to control their minds and bodies, while experiencing and learning the fundamentals for tumbling, handstands, aerials, partner and group acro.

The privileged location, combined with the intensive training and staff capacity, regularly brings to the school in Floripa students, artists, coaches, and acrobats from different parts of the world. Circocan Floripa also run extensive classes in Tumbling, Handstands, Aerials (Fabric, Trapeze, Lyra, Straps), Partner Acro and Flying Trapeze.

Another highlight is the G-FOR-C, program that prepares and developes aspiring artists and acrobats through artistic and acrobatic intensive training. This group has a more extensive training schedule divided in conditioning, technique, artistic and act development, aiming to prepare for a professional circus career.

Beyond all classes and training programs, Circocan Floripa hosts the rehearsals of Circocan's Performing Troupe, professional group that performs regularly in shows and corporate events.