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CircoFitness® is a method developed by Circocan that builds up body awareness and general physical condition using circus activities, acrobatics exercises and progressions.

From basic patterns as running, jumping, squatting, passing by ground acrobatics fundamentals as head and handstands, rolls and balancing; up to aerial acrobatics initiation on trapeze, fabric and rope, are a few things that happen during the CircoFitness® class.

The method envisions building up students fitness towards developing strong and solid acrobatics basics, that can help “regular” people accomplish their daily activities with better life quality, and also professional athletes and artists to apply the benefits of acrobatics and circus in their training and performing routine.

Air and space awareness, laterality, body control, core strength, flexibility, confidence and emotional intelligence are the main aspects trained in class. These concepts are very important to either who is looking for a hobby or a different way of exercising their bodies, as for high level athletes seeking for an alternative or complementary training program. The training schedule aims to reduce impact and minimize overload on same muscle groups and joints, alternating exercises and progressions every week. This guaranties a smaller amount of injuries, when compared to the training of professional acrobats and gymnasts.

Every CircoFitness® class is based on a tripod: Conditioning, Technique and Fun. With these ideals, during training, exercises aim to combine high physical intensity, technique learnt with an easy and fun approach with the students. Nevertheless, progressions and activities never go beyond the SAFETY concern. Advanced acrobatic movements or exercises that involve higher risk to students ARE NOT explored or taught in a CircoFitness® class.

It’s very important to reinforce that the CircoFitness® program is not a place for developing professional acrobats or to teach advanced techniques. Participants willing to learn more than basics and develop deeper skills are encouraged to join Circocan’s training program in specific circus and acrobatics classes.






Trapézio Voador


Who has never dreamed on flying? The challenge of being in the air goes in every person’s imagination. The chance of overcoming the fear, controlling the movements and flying, turns the flying trapeze in a desire for most people.

The flying trapeze also brings the idea of agility, flexibility, youth and dynamism. Circocan’s equipment and trained team can offer to any person the magic and incredible experience of flying on a trapeze. 

The flying trapeze, rig 60 feet long and over 30 feet high, allows anyone willing to take the challenge to throw their bodies in the air with full safety. The experience of flying with Circocan offers to students the chance of accomplishing flips and tricks in the air, as professional trapeze artists do, until completing the passage across the rig, into the catchers hand. During the whole flight an instructor assists the students while holding the safety lines connected on the student belt.

Circocan’s flying rig can be taken anywhere and rigged in less than 72 hours, being incorporated to events, corporate training, festivals and performances.



Aprofundamento técnico


For those who already started on circus acrobatics classes, or have previous experience in gymnastics and acrobatic related activities, Circocan offers the technical development courses.

The classes can be in:

Ground Acrobatics – tumbling, handbalancing;
Aerials – Fabric, Static Trapeze (solo and duo), Lyra and Straps; 
Partner/Group Acrobatics – Acrobalance, Hand to Hand and banquine.

The technical development happens as both, regular scheduled classes in the school gym, or through intensive courses and workshops that can be held anywhere.

Atividades para crianças


Programs for kids up to 14 years old go from recreational classes up to more intensive training. Acrobatic initiation starts at the age of 3, on lessons that focus on space awareness, coordination and body consciousness.

After turning initiating on acrobatics, on the age of five or six, kids can choose between more recreational circus classes, such as flying trapeze, or join the acrobatic intensive program, held on a competitive gymnastic perspective.

Gymnastics training focus on progressing with fundamentals for tumbling, beam, bars and vaulting. More than physical aspects, the program aims to develop kids capacities such as discipline, flexibility, ability to overcome challenges and teamwork.