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Sede Florianópolis
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Circocan – International School of Circus

Circocan – International School of Circus was founded in 2003 to take to all people the benefits and joy of acrobatics and circus related activities. The company works in several areas, circus classes to all ages, corporate events, professional shows and performances and even promoting a post graduate degree (MBA) in partnership with PUCPR (Catholic University of Parana).

How it started

Circocan’s project started small, teaching circus acrobatics, aerials and ground, for kids and teenagers inside a high school program. The expansion didn't take long, adults also started to join the program, realizing that circus activities are a healthy and fun way to keep body and mind working towards good life quality and wellness.

Yes, we can!

As the company name suggests inside Circo”CAN” everything is possible. The desire to overcome personal limits and always seek for something greater, physically and mentally, makes Circocan’s programs and activities tangible for all ages, with or without previous circus experience.


In 2004 the company created and registered CircoFitness®, a conditiong program that brings a class specially designed for people willing to increase their physical abilities, while learning circus skills and acrobatics basics. The class lasts around an hour, and promotes a better cardio, flexibility, balance and strength, while developing circus and acrobatic skills.

The great aspect of CircoFitness® is the challenging factor and its effect on the student motivation. Begginers and experienced participants have physical and mental obstacles to overcome daily, according to their capacity. Also, the playful environment and the different skills learned during class, make the students work hard without feeling the monotony of lifting weights or repeating exercises without actually learning something.

Flying Trapeze

Circocan also has the exclusive Flying Trapeze, giant structure 20m long and 10m high, that allows any person to fly on a trapeze up in the air with all the safety. The rig brings the experience of a professional trapeze artist, students jump holding themselves on the trapeze bar, learning tricks and flips, and passing to the catchers hands in the other side of the rig. The whole flight is assisted by an instructor connected to the student safety belt through the safety lines.


Beyond those activities, Circocan also runs technical and artistic development in tumbling, handstands, group acro and aerials. Classes go from recreational level, to intensive and professional development in circus and acrobatics.

Qualified Staff

Circocan’s team, coaches, instructors and artists have international and professional experience in several companies and schools around the world. The research and academic qualification is also priority, most staff members own BA’s and Masters degrees in Physical Education and body related areas. Since 2011, Circocan’s board also coordinates a Post Graduate degree (equivalente to a MBA) at PUCPR (Catholic University of Parana), focused on acrobatics and circus training, aiming to qualify and train better coaches, producers and circus professionals in Brazil.

Since the school foundation the goal has always been to integrate staff and students into the circus world, making them experience and live different circus cultures. That policy makes exchange programs and trips hosting and sending acrobats and artists a part of Circocan’s routine.

Where we are

Nowadays Circocan has regular activities in two different locations, Curitiba and Florianopolis, both in Southern Brazil. The Company programs reach several age groups and purposes, recreational classes, conditioning, wellness and life quality, or professional and aspiring artists seeking to develop their circus and acrobatic skills.